Korean Christian missionaries led by Rev. Dr. Peter Hoi-Kwon Jong with his wife had carefully envisioned to put up schools in different places in the country as a way to raise up Christian leaders who will do the commission of evangelizing to people through their chosen professions. After long prayers and with the help of local Christian pastors and workers, Remnant World Mission School was established in Caba, La Union in 2002. It was given the Basic Education permit to operate until Government recognition was granted. Up to present the school still exists to operate the basic education including ESL training to students.

On June 17, 2003, Remnant World Mission School in Baguio City was established first, as a high school then after a few years, as a grade school. With a plan to cater to foreign students as well, the school changed its name to Remnant International School. Permit to operate was initially given until the government recognition was granted from preschool up to high school. In 2009 the school changed its name to Remnant International College for the purpose of offering college courses to students. The CHED granted government recognition to its BS in Education and BS in Social Work. The College of Business Management courses- BS in Business Administration, BS in Hotel & Restaurant Management, and BS in Tourism Management were granted permits to operate.

In 2004, Remnant International School-Balungao, (then called Remnant World Mission School, Inc). was established to cater to students in the locality. It offers Preschool, Elementary and High School.

In 2007, the Philippine Darakbang Theological College in Binalonan, Pangasinan was opened to offer BS in Education major in English and Theology.

In 2010, the Remnant Christian Colleges was established in Aborlan, Palawan. It offers BS in Education and BS in Social Work. RIC continues to grow and develop as planned