Remnant Objectives


To develop world-class and competitive Christian individuals who will excel in their profession to serve in the communities for Globalization, Specialization, and Evangelization.


A leading Christian Educational Institution committed in providing quality instruction, research and community services.


  1. Uphold the quintessential values of Specialization, Globalization and Evangelization.
  2. Provide quality instruction for the development of relevant competencies and skills for higher standard of living.
  3. Undertake scientific and other forms of researches to enhance new learning.
  4. Support and participate actively in programs for the development of its community and in other communities.


  • The LEARNER is unique because of the individual differences, needs, and levels of maturity. Each student learns at his own pace.
  • The TEACHER understands the nature of each learner in order to facilitate, guide and motivate him in the teaching and learning process. She/he is the second parent and a model to the learners. Therefore, she/he should be patient, fair and respectful to their individuality as children of God. She/he must instill right discipline and Christian values to them by setting good examples.
  • The SCHOOL is a conducive, safe and comfortable place for learning. It provides meaningful experiences for the learner to develop his optimum potential- intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually.


  • Commitment
  • Selfless Service
  • Par Excellence